Civic Center Park

It’s time for our 4th annual CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK!

Gonna be a blow OUT this year.

It’s actually pretty simple.:

Figure out what you would like to give away to our friends without homes.

Show up at Lincoln Park (the park RIGHT in front of the Capital Downtown) a little before noon on Christmas day.

Bring a card table to put your stuff on.

At noon, give it away with a smile and a “Merry Christmas”

Ain’t brain surgery. (But just as life saving…)

The only thing we ask you to do prior is to shoot an email to Jenny Ricklefs ( )and tell her what you would like to bring (i.e. we don’t want 900 hats and no gloves!) Think gloves, scarves, winter hats, hand warmers, long johns, socks, travel size toothpaste and razors and shaving cream, etc. Think camping in the winter!

Really hope you can make it. Last year we had over 200 volunteers and more than 300 homeless. It was KILLER!

See ya then for CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK 2013