Rev. Dr. Tyler Kaufmann

Tyler is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church. He came to AfterHours on July 1, 2019. His full-time ministerial service has taken him around the country from Montana to Kansas and New Jersey to Hawaii.  Most recently Tyler served as the West Campus Lead Pastor at First UMC in Lawrence, KS. Before that Tyler’s full-time ministry settings included serving as Associate Pastor at Lenexa UMC in Kansas, and Lead Pastor of West Kauai UMC in Kekaha, HI. 

Everywhere he has served Tyler has collaborated with others to develop new, innovative, and unique ministries. One of Tyler’s favorite ministry projects was “The Underground” an alternative spiritual gathering service that looked a lot like one of AfterHours’ Monday night gatherings – with some instrumental jazz added for good measure and without the PB&J’s. The Underground was a gathering of people who wanted to hold deep conversations and participate in regular service projects. Tyler believes that it is in the contextual mix of relationship building and missional service that the divine is most closely experienced.  In response, he seeks to create and nurture spaces where such experiences can take place. 

Why the Church?

“I grew up in and had some wonderful experiences in the community of faith. It was in my faith community and through the gospel that I was challenged to grow in compassion, to live justly, and pursue a more peaceful world. Despite what US-American religion has done to Jesus, I still believe that communities centered in the way of Jesus have the potential to transform the world for the better.”

Why Bars, Pubs, and Taverns?

“It is where Jesus would be, and indeed where Jesus is already. It is time for us to join him.” 

Beyond his time at AfterHours and Civic Center Park, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, Nicole, and their 3 year old son, Theo.  They like to spend their renewal time on outdoor adventure trips, especially in the mountains.

 You can follow Tyler on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter @TylerJKaufmann

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