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Logan Robertson

Logan comes to AfterHours following a decade serving churches and homeless service providers in Denver and beyond.

After growing up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota life took Logan to St. Paul, Minnesota and Nashville, Tennessee before he landed in Denver. Most recently Logan has served as Assistant to the Director at Network Coffee House, a hospitality house not far from Civic Center Park, where the focus is on building long-term redemptive relationships with folks who make their home on the street. Logan has also worked in advocacy, organizing for innovative approaches to housing and service on behalf of our friends on the street and against the criminalization of homelessness.

Throughout his career in ministry and service to the unhoused and unseen in Denver and beyond, Logan has sought to maintain a center of gravity with the poor. We know Jesus would not have us convert the poor to Christ, he’d have us be converted to the poor who *are* Christ. Through relationships with people society has pushed to the side, Logan has learned to value relationship over charity, conversation over conversion, and curiosity over judgment.

This is what drives Logan: ultimately you gotta share your life to receive it. Sharing life can happen anywhere and it seems that when we break bread together, serve one another, or sit down at a table with a drink this kind of sharing comes naturally. Turns out Jesus wants to be there too, so we meet him where he already is: at the bar and in the park.

Logan and his wife, Elizabeth, make a place in Lakewood for themselves, their three kids—Nora, Liam, and Marcella—and Rosie who is a dog.

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