Unfortunately, Denver has a large homeless population. On most street corners within the city and even in the suburbs, you’ll see someone holding a sign asking for some type of help. Instead of driving past and looking the other way, why not print out this list of resources and give these out when you see someone in need? A member at AfterHours even staples a $1 bill to the sheet and keeps them in her car. When she sees someone on the street, she smiles and gives them the printed resource sheet with the $1 bill attached. I believe she also gives a little hope with each smile and paper that she hands out.

AfterHours is one of many organizations within the city of Denver that provides meals to those that may be hungry on a daily basis. This sheet not only has meal information offered by many different organizations, but also has housing & shelter information, job assistance, and food banks in the area that you may not have been aware of. This is a great resource but only if we get into the hands of those who may need this type of help. Please save and share freely!

Full list Housing and Meals for Homeless – Download your copy here!

This pamphlet was designed by AH member Kelly Carver, based on information provided by Denver’s Road Home.

If you’d like to donate to AfterHours Denver to help feed the homeless, buy long johns, coats and sleeping bags for next year, you can help here.

(Written by AH member Meg Benjamin Wainio)