Don’s Mixed Drinks
7:00 pm – First Monday of the Month

723 E 6th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80203

Come on down to AfterHours’ most casual gathering.  This version of AfterHours is more small group oriented.  We make lunches for Tuesday in the park, have some conversation together, and check in on our community.

The Irish Rover
7:00 pm – Second Monday of the Month

54 S Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80209

AfterHours most “traditional” location- join us for making lunches, good food, a quieter atmosphere, and communion.

Cap City Tavern

7:00 pm – Third Monday of the Month

 1247 Bannock St

Denver, CO 80204

Cap City is our location closest to the park. It’s one of AfterHours’s newest locations- come join us and help us determine the character of our service here!

Kinga’s Lounge

7:00 pm- Fourth Monday of the Month

1509 Marion St
Denver, Colorado 80218

Denver’s premiere Polish bar! Who knew? This is also a new location for AfterHours, and we’d love your input!

What If There Are 5 Mondays in a Month?

Our services on these months rotate based on which of our above regulars or new partner has room for us. Please watch Facebook, our website, or email to find out. 

5th Mondays in 2021 are August 30th and November 29th. 

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NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis, please check either the AfterHours Facebook page or email Pastor Logan for up to date details about meeting times and places.

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