C.S. Lewis once said, “We don’t want to be rich, successful and good looking. We just want to be MORE rich, MORE successful and MORE good looking that THAT GUY!” Truer words have rarely been spoken.

I sometimes think the core of most peoples problems (mine included) is our constant comparison to others. It drives us to always want more.

We see stars homes on Lake Como in magazines and our friends on Facebook on some killer beach and catch our selves saying, “Why don’t I have a second home in Italy and why don’t we take awesome vacations. (Never mind the fact we know MOST people don’t have a second home in Italy, deal with it, AND…people only post the cool stuff on Facebook…never their credit card bills).

Discontentment is the poison that robs us of the now. I have more crap than 90% of people and am doing far better than most folks on this planet, and yet, I still catch myself saying, “More please…”. It sucks.

I saw it a lot when I worked in entertainment in L.A. but make no mistake: it’s in the God business as well.

How good is your church attendance? How well is the church plant taking off? How many visitors have come to your blog? How many folks are in your Sunday school class?

Steeple Envy.

I am thinking gratitude is the antidote. I see it with the homeless in the park. They are more thankful for a brown bag lunch on the grass than I have been for a steak dinner at Capital Grille

The homeless set me straight. They remind me how good I got it and to remember to be thankful for it. They are my cure to “More please.”

Do you have a cure? How do you battle the disease of “More please…”?