I broke my leg last week. This has given me the opportunity to sit and think, read and write more than I am use to. It has gives me time to reflect. I highly recommend it (minus the painful bone breaking part!)

I have been about to think about my life and patterns I have seen form. I have been a lot of things over the past 50 years of my life. I have been a doorman & a bartender, a salesman & a DJ. I have spent time telling jokes and running Hula Hoop contests and I have given sermons and handed out PB&J’s. In some ways it feels like I have had ever job under the sun (even mall santa and karaoke host.).

As different as they seem on the surface, I have come to realize there is a thru line. There is something that has been at the core of every job I have had any success in and enjoyed. It has taken many different forms, but it has always come down to one thing. It is the one thing I think now after 50 years of living I can say I do well….either one-on-one or with a thousand people….face-to-face or across social media. It might be the ONLY thing I do well. If this is all I was put here to do, I’m find with that.

It is simply this: I CREATE JOY.

Whether it has come in the form of helping someone pick out special clothes for a big event at Neiman Marcus, or making strangers laugh at the Improv, or putting a smile on someone’s face because I put a sandwich in their hand.

I am a creator of joy.

And that, is my personal two word mission statement:



What’s yours?