What We Do

AfterHours is an alternative ministry to serve the poor and the spiritually independent. 

We have felt that there is a void in the God business. People that have good energy and that want to be a part of something bigger. People that have finely tuned B.S. antenna. People that want to wrestle with the questions and that don’t need easy answers. People that are not OK with the status quo when it comes to connecting to God.  Simply put, a more relaxed way to “do God”. We hope we are, in some way an answer for some people.

We aren’t big into dogma and creeds. We are intentionally low-tech. We’re trying our best to figure out how to connect to God in an urban context. If we had a mission statement it would be, “Love God/Love People.” We believe in doing good & God, different. We are church for people that don’t do church.

Pounds of Peanut Butter

Every time we get together, we make approximately 100 PB&J lunches that we give away to the homeless the very next day (Service in the service). Feeding people is our Call to Worship. Since we started this ministry, we have helped feed thousands of people this way. We are now our own faith community and doing things in our own unique way.

We will never claim to have it all figured out. But we are having a blast so far. We are doing God and church different and so far we hand out 500-600 lunches every week. That doesn’t suck. Church needs to go beyond the walls of the building and AfterHours Denver is proving that is exactly what church can do!

They all walked into a bar…

We’re a bit of an odd duck. It’s not unusual to have a Pastor from other churches drop by and try to figure out what we are up to (they usually aren’t quite sure what to make of us at first). It’s a diverse crowd that does church in a pub: folks from the homeless community, a judge, a bartender, an agnostic and a college student will often be sitting around the same table. Sounds like the beginning to a joke…because…well, technically, THEY ALL WALKED INTO A BAR!

The mood is laid back and fun, kinda like we think God wants it. The music has been anything from 60’s soul to Delta blues  to mainstream. The sermons are usually short… (also kinda like we think God wants it!). We’ve had some great discussion because we don’t think all the wisdom in the room comes just from the person up front. All in all, we celebrate God in the world, focus on putting more love out into the streets and believe if we try to love God and each other the rest kinda just falls into place…

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